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The story behind a product can be as intriguing as the item itself. Whether based on tradition or fiction, Dandy Demina aims to create furniture and interior accessories that provoke a feeling.

As the name suggests, the traditional dandy’s refinement and wit often provides inspiration when creating objects that capture the curiosity of the beholder.  


We explore how tactile materials and textures influence how an object is perceived, and constantly experiment with materials in new combinations. Attention to detail and finish is ever present in the design development of our growing collection.    

Åsa Oveland, a Swedish interior architect with international experience, is the founder of Dandy Demina. Design work and some of the handmade aspects of manufacturing take place in a studio in Pixbo, just outside Gothenburg, Sweden.     






Herrgårdsvägen 32, 435 43 Pixbo, Sweden

+46 702 39 6940 / asa@dandydemina.com

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